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The Worst Part of Mindlessly Eating

There's nothing worse than eating an entire meal, only to realize after that you barely tasted it and it wasn't even something you were in the mood for...

Or quickly inhaling lunch in between meetings and juggling emails and then realizing after the fact that now you're way too full.

Or going grocery shopping, feelings super scattered and overwhelmed, only to arrive home and realize you didn't get the main ingredients you actually wanted.

This is the struggle of eating mindlessly.

Now contrary to popular belief, being mindFUL doesn't mean you have to clear your mind and be in a deeply meditative state...

Rather, I see mindfulness as something that facilitates intention, focus, purpose, calm, and peace.

So mindfully eating then means being intentional and on purpose with your food.

It means being focused on the flavors and smells in front of you.

It means feeling calm and grounded as you cook, eat, and digest.

And it means feeling at peace with your plate and body.

Ahh - what a RELIEF mindful eating is!

But so many people are not mindfully engaging with their food...

They're rushing,



making choices on autopilot,

not tapping in...

and it leads to this super icky feeling of BLAH.

The food doesn't even taste good.

Your body doesn't even feel nourished.

Your mind doesn't even feel satisfied.

And the guilt.

Oh the guilt that comes when you KNOW you, once again, ignored your body's cues and signals and signs.

The guilt might make you believe there's something *wrong* with you.

"What is so damn difficult about just eating mindfully and slowing down!?"

Well, it can actually be very simple...

But first, there's some healing and mental rewiring that has to go down.

Because just eating slower and without distractions isn't going to lead to eating mindfully.

Mindfulness isn't really something you just do.

Rather, it's a choice.

It's a state of being.

It's an intentional moment of peace and intention.

And it leads to absolutely magical results...

Feeling like you are one with your food - nourished from the inside out.

Feeling genuinely satisfied by your food on all levels - physical, mental, spiritual.

Feeling calm and grounded at mealtime - what a relief!

Feeling healthy and digesting with ease - "rest and digest" is activated.

This is how you deserve to feel EVERY DAY at all 3 meals!

Yes, you deserve this!!

That's why I'm opening up enrollment for my brand new course, Mindful Eating 101!

This self-study, 4-part program will teach you how to shop, cook, eat, and digest mindfully so you can feel peaceful and calm around food again.

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