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The Real, Non-Food-Related Reason Why Food Freedom Matters

The real reason why I created the Food Freedom Collective isn't to help women stop binge eating, dieting, obsessing, and restricting.

I mean - yes, of course, that's what I want for you, and I know you want it too.

But that's not the MAIN reason why I created this program and my 3-step healing method.

The real, juicy reason why I created my entire coaching business is so that you can live your best, most high-vibe life with the people you love!!!

THAT is my bigger, wider mission.

Because I remember when I was struggling with food and my body image.

I was at the dinner table, obsessing about if I'd had too many carbs already today, therefore I wasn't 100% present with my parents and brother.

I was falling asleep, replaying my *day of eats*, therefore I wasn't sleeping well and would wake up exhausted the low energy the next day.

I was hating my reflection in the mirror as I tried on 10 different outfits to go out with my friends, therefore I was unfocused and worried about my body image instead of being focused on my friends.

Yes, the food and body image was a big issue, but the BIGGER issue was that I couldn't be my loving, engaged, present self for the people I love.

And especially as we enter into the holiday season, being present with the people you love is kind of everything.

Now I'm not saying that you should heal your relationship with food for THEM - this healing is 100000% about YOU and doing it for you.

However, I know your heart. I know you care so much about others. I know you love to be a giver (hence why about 30% of all of my clients are healthcare workers and teachers).

And I know you deserve to have a peaceful, beautiful holiday season where food isn't the center of your attention.

So click here to watch my 60-minute workshop on the 3 Steps to Avoid Overeating During the Holidays so you can feel equipped with the tools you need THIS holiday season to eat intuitively, freely, and peacefully...your future self (and loved ones) will thank you!

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