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How to Use Affirmations Daily to Increase Self Love

Daily affirmations are a key part of my morning routine, self love practice, and overall holistic approach to my health. The words that you speak out loud and in your head are responsible for creating your mood and manifesting your physical reality. Read this blog post all about making your internal language work for you if you haven’t already!

With positive thoughts come affirmations or mantras – something you may have heard of but aren’t quite sure how to apply to your life. That’s what this post is all about!

I have personally seen major positive shifts in my life, especially around my body love and confidence, since I started using daily affirmations about 2 years ago. I know that you will experience similar transformative moments and experiences daily with the use of this simple and powerful technique, so let’s get into it!!!

So – what exactly are mantras and affirmations? In their simplest form, they are sentences that we repeat. In ancient yogic philosophy, gurus and yogis sing and repeat Sanskrit mantras with simple, beautiful, positive messages. In modern society, you can see popular mantras everywhere – on t-shirts, pillows, journals, and your fave Instagrammer’s feed.

Essentially, these sentences are created to help you affirm whatever it is that you wish to believe in order to create a positive outcome.

For example, let’s say you’re struggling with body confidence. You may write down, think, and say out loud: “I love my body as it is, wholeheartedly”. Maybe you are applying to your dream job but are nervous about how your look, so you use the affirmation “I am brilliant, capable, and beautiful, and I landed my dream job”.

When creating mantras for yourself, it’s a good idea to be specific, intentional, and powerful in your word choice. Shoot for the stars here – being logical is not the route to take!

Instead, speak these sentences as if your wildest dreams and the greatest self love possible have already come to fruition.

For a whole list of my favorite affirmations for self love, click to download below!

Now, even if you don’t entirely believe that these things are true or can occur, be ambitious with your affirmations anyway! By repeating these mantras and staying consistent with your vision and intention, you will rewrite your story and these new positive thoughts will replace the self-limiting beliefs that used to run the show.

So, now comes the application – how to use these beautiful phrases to create rock solid, flourishing, gushing self love.

You have hundreds of thousands of thoughts each day, so obviously not every single one of them is going to be one of your beautiful, loving affirmations. However, that doesn’t mean you can't give more power, intention, and weight to those empowering thoughts when they do come.

The first time during the day to use a positive self love affirmation or two is right when you wake up. As soon as that alarm clock goes off, compliment yourself before even thinking about complaining about how tired or rushed you are.

Next, pay yourself another heart-felt complement in the bathroom as you’re getting ready, brushing your teeth, etc. Look yourself directly in the mirror, deliver the affirmation out loud, and OWN it.

Then, give yourself another mantra to repeat when you’re getting dressed, or any time during the day when you change clothes. Give your physical body some extra love, and express gratitude for your beautiful limbs and active body.

Next, I like to repeat affirmations as a daily part of my morning routine of journaling, meditating, and visualizing. These affirmations can address other realms of your life too – like career, relationships, finances, and health.

After the morning mantras have been completed, it’s time to have a fabulous day…but the affirmations don’t end there! Self love is occurring every day in every moment, not just when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror.

It’s about being your own biggest supporter and giving yourself a pump up talk whenever you need it. Worried about people judging you in a new social setting? Affirmation. Feeling discouraged and down after a hard exam or meeting? Affirmation. Feeling the pressure to work past your bedtime instead of prioritizing your sleeping needs? Affirmation.

You see, now that you know about affirmations and have a whole list to use, it’s up to you to recognize a moment that needs one and actually USE it! If you find yourself reverting to the default negative self talk, practice noticing those thoughts and replacing them with three positive affirmations instead. If you’re a beginner with mantras, try adding a few to the Reminders app on your phone or on a calendar so that they automatically pop up on your screen every day as a reminder.

Infusing these powerful thoughts of self love into your day on a consistent basis WILL indeed change your life.

It is important to remember, however, that the greatest results come when you mix words with feelings. When you repeat the words from affirmation #11 (Loving myself whole-heartedly is my birthright), FEEL those words deep in your core.

What emotions does that affirmation bring up for you? What would it mean if you went through your entire day truly believing that your self love was your birthright? How would your day look if you fully accepted and appreciated that birthright?

THAT is where the real magic happens.

When you combine the language and beliefs from affirmations with the feelings cultivated, you create a high vibe YOU who will be better aligned to take intentional action in the pursuit of loving yourself more wholly.

That may mean smiling at yourself in the mirror, eating intuitively without anxiety or guilt, listening to your body’s signal to rest instead of go cray at the gym, present yourself with confidence and boldness in a group setting, or be open to new opportunities that are coming your way.

The way that you speak to yourself and the thoughts you believe about yourself dictate your level of self love – let’s elevate those words and thoughts right NOW! I can’t wait to hear about all of the magical shifts and realizations that are about to come your way!

For more support on loving yourself and living your dream life unapologetically in a high vibe state, get on the waitlist for Limitless Love Academy launching soon!

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