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Salty Dark Chocolate Ballz

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

These ~salty dark chocolate ballz~ are the perfect snack. 🍫🙌🏼 protein✅ complex carbs✅ fiber✅ fat✅ FLAVOR✅ guys will LOVE this recipe


☆1/2 c @bobsredmill wholegrain oat flour (BEST brand for GF cooking) ☆1/4 c cacao powder ☆2 scoops vanilla (or chocolate) protein powder ☆1/2 c almond butter ☆2 tbsp cacao nibs ☆2 tbsp chia seeds ☆lots of pink salt ☆1/3 c water


☆mix it all up (with your hands!),

☆form ballz, drizzle chocolate honey, store in the fridge


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