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Numbers: Detaching Emotions from Metrics

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132. 9. 00. 60. 27. 1700. 980.

Upon looking at these numbers, they seem to all be just that - numbers. And they are. So, how come we label some numbers “good” and some numbers “bad” when they are simply symbols representing a quantity?

In today’s society, we have developed an obsession with numbers; too often, we even let these symbols dictate our happiness, decisions, and lives. Take, for example, the numbers listed above. Without any context, they don’t mean much. What if I added some units to them though…

132 lbs

9 mph

00 dress size

60 minutes

27 jean size

1700 calories

980 Instagram likes

Now, you may be inclined to assess these numbers in a different way. I would like to challenge you though to not assess them at all! Let them be numbers, and nothing else.

This idea about society’s fixation on numbers came to me a few months ago when I was trying on bathing suits in an Australian store. Sizes are different there, and I ended up purchasing a size that was 6 numbers higher than what I would have bought from an American brand. what? I realized in that moment that the numbers we assign to things have no emotional attachment (good or bad), and should truly be used simply for organizational purposes!

Or what about when I went to a workout class and had to run on a treadmill that displayed kilometers/mile. I had no idea what the conversion was, and so I was forced to tune into my body and find the speed that felt right for me. The number was simply a metric to show whether I was going faster or slower - that’s it!

In my opinion, too many people care too much about numbers like weight, calories, sprint speeds, sizes, minutes at the gym, money earned, social media followers...the list goes on. While these number can be helpful and necessary to know in some instances, they should not have the power to determine our level of happiness and self love. Those things come from within, and no clothing tag or fitness watch can grant you what internal contentment can give.

For some tips on how to achie!!

I’m not saying to never use a fitness watch, buy clothing, keep a timer, or look at nutrition labels - I do those things almost daily! Instead, try to reflect on how much value and power you are giving to those numbers. If you feel comfortable with that relationship, amazing!! If not, dig deep to find what does make you feel your absolute best, highest-vibe self, and give more power to that...then, leave the numbers behind.



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