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NEWS FLASH: you don't need to "get back on track"

And how you can learn to practice self-love TODAY...

Repeat after me…

I do not need to get back on track or start over in order to reach my goals.


That’s right. Read it again. And again. When you’ve fully comprehended that sentence, then you can move on to the text below.

When I see people talking about “getting back on track” it makes me want to scream - WHAT TRACK?! Seriously??? What singular track are you referring to? I. Don’t. Get. It.

Sure, you may have a plan, an outline of things you want to do, or goals you want to achieve. That’s all wonderful and dandy, and I have those things too.

HOWEVER, my life is so much more complex, beautiful, and diverse than a singular, straight-lined “path”. My life is more like a winding roller coaster with multiple intertwining paths.

Sooooo how the heck can I get back onto a track when there isn’t ONE to begin with??

I can’t, and I won’t. :)

Usually people use the language “get back on track” or “start over” after they’ve made choices or acted in a way that strays from their normal, “better” routine. This may include:

  • eating fast food after 3 weeks of eating a plant-based whole foods diet.

  • having a drink at a bar after a month of sobriety.

  • skipping the gym for 5 days.

  • coming back from a relaxing vacation.

  • eating 2 pieces of birthday cake when you said you’d have just one.

I completely understand wanting to resume healthy habits after making a choice that feels less than healthy. In fact, I support that! The reason why that is different from “getting back on track” is all about the language. Even if you think it has the same meaning to you, it actually doesn’t have the same meaning for your brain…

Our words are EVERYTHING. They shape our internal beliefs and our external realities. Negative, fear-based, self-limiting beliefs manifest into less than abundant lives. My goal is to help you raise those vibes and find abundance, happiness, and ultimate wellness.

SO let’s return to the “getting back on track” situation. This phrase implies that what you did while you were “off” the track was wrong, shameful, and regretful. It also suggests that there is one right/best path to be on. That is simply not the case though! While it may be true that not every single choice you make will set you up for superstar success and happiness, every action and point in your life happens for a reason...even if the reason feels like sadness or pain in the moment.

The #truth is this: life is simply life, and there is so much beautiful variety and so many choices to be made, all of which contribute to YOU in a meaningful way.

All of the different tracks in your life are important and necessary to experience - the highs and lows and mistakes and successes are all there for a reason! Be happy that you enjoyed a couple pieces of cake, not regretful of something that you can’t control anymore (let me know if you discover how to time travel though!!). Be grateful that your body is capable of digesting all kinds of foods (even fast food), not ashamed that you chose french fries over kale chips. Be appreciative of the rest day and excited to get back to the gym feeling refreshed and reinspired.

You do not need to get back on track. You are already LIVING, and there is no one track to ride on.

You have the power and choice to resume your ideal habits right NOW. Why would you want to focus on going “BACK” to something when there are so many magical moments and beautiful choices to be made AHEAD of you?

When you live in a headspace that is focused on the past, you will live in a cycle of feeling inadequate and anxious about things that have already come and go.


There is no reason to wait for a new day or a Monday or a new month to “start over”. Life is happening NOW. You can’t go back, so stop wasting your time worrying about what already happened or reliving the choices that you already made. Instead, make a choice that you love in the present moment...right now.

When you understand and embrace the fact that life is continuously happening and there is no one right way to live, the intimidation of resuming your healthy habits will subside. It won’t feel like such a big deal to continue eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Nothing catastrophic will happen when you decide to sign up for a workout class after a hiatus. You won’t need the perfect moment to arrive to decide to be sober again.

The point is this - every day and in every moment, you have the power to create the life that you want to live. The life that is ideal for you probably includes loads of healthy habits and choices, along with some fun/risky/indulgent moments. That’s how it should be! Without making a big deal of the things that happened in the past, choose what is best for you NOW in this present moment to seamlessly step into your light. Life is happening, and it is unfolding in a continuous flow. If you wait for the right moment to implement a change or resume an habit, the moment will never come and you will never upgrade your life.

SO, stop stressing about what happened and choose to live right freaking NOW! Make a healthy choice now because it makes you feel good and happy, not because it’s the only way that you’ll detox your body after spring break or tone up your abs that got a break when you were sick in bed. Move forward, not “back” to a track, and make the right choice for you with ease and confidence in the present moment.

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