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How to Manifest More Money

Let’s talk moneyyyy

Ohhh boy do I love the topic of MONEY! It’s actually hilarious because I never thought I would be typing or saying those words…even 6 months ago! Not until I had a conversation with one of my business mentors in which I told her “I’m just not good with money” did I realize that I wanted to dive deep into my money mindset and switch it UP!

Little back story…

My dad is a financial advisor, and I remember him trying to teach my brother and I about the stock market when we were in elementary school. When people asked what our dad did for work, we would giggle and say “he makes money grow”. Now, I had no idea what that meant at that time, and I am still NO expert on the stock market or econ or finance.

In fact, my worst grades in college were in accounting, intro to finance, and biochem (rough times!).

The thing is, I still don’t love all of those fields of money. Thinking about taxes, investments, 401K’s, and mortgages make my head spin. BUT the ideas about money that I do love talking about and teaching go deeper than figures in an excel doc…it’s about energy, flow, and abundance.

I have a spiritual relationship with money.

My dad (and maybe you too!) still doesn’t completely understand how the two – spirituality and finance – can be combined, so let me explain.

Money is simply energy.

You give money (energy) to someone and you get something back like a service or good (energy) in return. It is that simple.

At the end of the day, it is simply a piece of paper or a number on your computer screen.

What’s stopping me from cutting out my own piece of paper and making pink, glittery “Sloane money” to buy all of the things on my shopping wish list? The ENERGY that we have collectively decided to associate with money as a global society.

Money is kinda funny to me…we give it SO much power and importance, when most of the time it’s legit just a digital number in our bank account. Who even uses cash anymore?! ;)

Ok so you may be thinking “I just wanna know how to get MORE of the green stuff Sloane!!”…and that will come young one. Patience. (And keep reading to the bottom!)

But before we can get more, we need to understand what it is we’re actually dealing with when it comes to our own relationship with money.

Ask yourself this: “What money story am I currently telling myself? Where did those beliefs come from? Do they actually seem true?”

For example, I used to believe that:

Money shouldn’t be talked about

You had to work hard to make more money

There was a capped/limited amount of money that I could make

I had to work for someone else to make a lot of money

I wasn’t good with money

NOW I believe that:

Money is not good or bad, it’s a neutral resources

The more fun I have, the more money I make

Money is attracted to me and can’t help but flow my way and into my bank account

I can make an unlimited amount of money

I have a great relationship with money

This shift didn’t happen over night. In fact, I’m still working on it! I’ve read books, listened to podcasts, discussed with friends and mentors, and I still want to know MORE!

(P.S. The books and podcasts that I’ve loved are You are a Badass at Making Money, Manifestation Babe Insta & Book, Mind your Business Podcast, and the Manifestation Babe Podcast just to name a few!)

These beliefs may sound weird, woo-woo, or false to you. And that’s totally cool! Money manifestation isn’t for everyone (although I think it should be!) but stick with me and try these beliefs on for a few moments.

Have you ever been in a great mood and then happen to find a dollar bill on the ground or in your jeans pocket? How about if you’re doing well at work and really feeling the flow, and you get a promotion or a bonus. Or what if you’re an online coach and you wake up in a particularly good mood and make $700 that day (happened to me)!

These are all examples of how money is trying to flow to you with ease and abundance, but it only reaches its final destination (your wallet) if you allow it in.

If you are anxious about money, talk about it in a negative light, treat the money that you do have with disrespect, or fear the green stuff…don’t expect a random $500 visa gift card in the mail (again, happened to me)!

If you LOVE money, respect it, treat it with kindness, and work on getting to know the energy better, it will love you too and be excited to find a new home in your bank account.

Still think I’m crazy?! I GET IT. We were not taught this in school. Our parents probably didn’t teach it to us either. Instead, we were told to get a good job, invest some, budget, spend appropriately, and retire comfortably. Now, I still agree with all of these steps! However, there is soooo so much more to it, and I want YOU to tap into this unlimited, wildly abundant world.

If this sounds good to you, then I’m SO excited for you grab my FREE GUIDE on HOW to manifest $100 extra dollars in 1 week…CLICK HERE!



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