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How to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams via Journaling

If you’re brand new to manifestation, make sure to check out my 5 Key Steps to Start Manifesting TODAY !

You'll also want to uplevel your self love, self care, and CONFIDENCE in yourself and the Universe! Good thing I have the perfect guide for you below :)

So, you want to be a manifestor…? CONGRATS! You already are one. Actually, everyone is! They just may not know it yet ;)

Today’s post is all about using journaling to manifest your dreams and desires. This is one of my favorite daily manifestation practices, and I hope that you love it as much as I do.

It’s really quite simple, so let’s get to it.

In a journal (hand written is better than typing), dedicate a section every day to your manifestation practice. This can be in a separate journal that you use exclusively for manifesting or in your general journal.

Once you have the space to write, start with a deeper and more thorough journaling session (I recommend doing this at the beginning of the month or with full and new moons).

Write out and explore: What do you want? WHY do you want it? Why don’t you have it already? What fears and blocks are standing in your way of having it all?

Write out and examine: What are the good things that you’re telling yourself daily? What are the negative things that you’re telling yourself daily? How can you reframe those bad thoughts into positive ones?

Write out and visualize: Who do you want to become? What does that person’s day look like? How do they feel when they wake up and go to sleep?

Next, write out sentences in the following format. This is something that I do daily!

“Thank you for....”

“I have…”

“I did…”

“I am…”

Essentially, you want to write it as if you already have it. Express gratitude as if it’s already been granted. Feel excited because you know you’re getting everything that you want.

For suggestions on the types of affirmations you may write, grab my FREE guide on 22 Self Love Affirmations here!

Lastly, ask the Universe to specifically deliver an opportunity to you.

Write out, “Dear Universe, I am so excited to receive the opportunity you are providing for me by [date and time]. I am grateful for your never ending guidance. Love, [your name].” By asking for an open door and giving the Universe some specifics, you can truly test out your manifestation powers...and I think you’ll be surprised by just how powerful they really are!!

Now that you’ve done the journaling, you can put it away for the day and remain in that high-vibe flow of energy that is associated with your goals. Go through your day trusting that you’ve done the inner work, and stay open to magical opportunities that are bound to come your way.

It’s time to release your intentions, let the Universe do the behind-the-scenes work, and have a beautiful high vibe day!

Happy journaling, happy manifesting, and happy living!!!

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