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Greek "Pasta" Salad

Spaghetti squash is SO versatile and can be used instead of pasta in many dishes 🙌🏼(not that I don’t love pasta, but sometimes you gotta mix it up! 🙃) check out this super simple recipe below!


☆1/4 spaghetti squash



☆artichoke hearts

☆mixed olives

☆water melon radish

☆butter lettuce


☆1/4 c quinoa

☆lemon juice

@primalkitchenfoods Greek salad dressing

☆pepper + crushed chili flakes


☆ cut squash in half

☆ drizzle with olive oil

☆ roast at 375 for ~45 min

☆ fork it up

☆ add all ingredients together in a bowl and top with dressing!


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