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Golden Smoothie

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

A delicious protein smoothie filled with nutritious superfoods, fruits, and veggies!


☆1/2 frozen banana ☆1 cup steamed then frozen cauliflower ☆SO MUCH TURMERIC ☆a tiny bit of black pepper (not optional!! you won’t taste it but it’s necessary to help your bod absorb the amazing chemicals that make turmeric so powerful) ☆2 tbsp @coyo_is_coconuts yogurt ☆1 tbsp soaked chia seeds ☆1 stalk celery ☆1/4 tsp cinnamon ☆1/4 tsp ginger ☆1.5 scoops @nuzest vanilla protein (code: SLOANE15) ☆as little water as needed to blend! (less is better if you want it #thick )

Optional Toppings:

☆1/2 banana + almond butter + @coyo_is_coconuts + bee pollen

**Affiliate links might be used in this blog post through which Sloane may receive a small commission**


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