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So You Don't Have an Eating Disorder. You Still Deserve to Heal!

I never had an eating disorder. I still deserve to work on myself in achieving food freedom. And you do too.

This is for the girl who…

  • Saw friends in high school doing juice cleanses and thought it was normal.

  • Is trying to hit the gym extra hard this week to prep for her spring break body.

  • Saw her mom dieting all of her life and now sees that as a normal way to eat.

  • Feels bad about herself for eating 3 slices of pizza instead of the salad she planned on.

  • Worries that she might gain weight if she falls off track.

  • Feels the need to start over on Monday and make up for the fun she had on the weekend.

Girl - I am talking to you!!

Now, you may not feel like you need help. Or maybe you don’t think you deserve help because other people are suffering even more than you. Or maybe you think these behaviors are totally normal and not disordered at all.

Just hear me out for a second.

When you achieve FULL food freedom, like...

  • Eating all the white carbs alongside the whole grains and gluten-free options, loving them equally!

  • Enjoying dessert daily without cursing your insistent sweet tooth!

  • Making a meal without letting the thought of calories and macros consume you!

  • Feeling totally confident in eating your smoothie bowl, your cereal bowl, your nourish bowl, your burger, your cocktail, your paleo dessert, and your Tollhouse cookie!

  • Going out with friends and choosing the menu item that looks best to you instead of choosing the lowest calorie option!

When you do feel that full freedom - and you WILL - you are not robbing anyone else of living THEIR best life.

In fact, by breaking down these restrictions and challenging the status quo, you will inspire others to do the same...more love and freedom for everyone!! Am I right?!

When you create rules around your life - number of calories to eat, types of workouts to do, categories of food to cut out, rules to detoxify - you are restricting your joy and level of freedom. When you release the rules and control, you will find more expansion, more love, and more room to live your life to the fullest!

Ultimately, everybody deserves to lead a life inspired by love and intuition. Just because you don’t suffer AS MUCH or IN THE SAME WAY as someone else does NOT mean that you are not deserving of expansion, abundance, and infinite love and joy. Everyone has the potential to live a life that they love, and I can’t wait to see how you expand and inspire those around you!

I’m running a FREE 5 Day Challenge - How to STOP the Food Guilt - and I’d love to see you in here! Click here to register now - we start on March 2!

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