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Blue (berry) Majik Waffles

A delicious paleo waffle recipe with amazing superfood benefits!


{made 6 mini waffles}

☆1/4 c cassava flour

☆2 tbsp coconut flour

☆2/3 c water

☆1 egg

☆1/2 tsp vanilla

☆1/2 tsp baking powder

☆1 tsp maple syrup

☆1 tbsp melted coconut oil

☆1/8 tsp @fromthereserve blue spirulina powder

☆handful of blueberries


☆whisk together wet ingredients. mix in flours. mix in blueberries. add blue spirulina and give it a couple mixes (we want a swirled effect, not totally mixed in). heat waffle iron and cook accordingly. top with @culinayogurt+ blueberries + maple syrup 😋😋😋


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