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Berry-Choco Crepes

Delicious gluten and dairy free crepes that taste super similar to the real thing!


☆ 1/2 c flour (I used gf all purpose)

☆ 1 egg

☆ 1/4 c @pressedjuicery vanilla almond milk

☆ 1 tbsp oil ( I used melted ghee but you could also do coconut oil)


☆ Add flour and egg to a bowl and whisk to break the egg.

☆ Slowly add the liquids + vanilla + oil

☆ Heat a pan with a bit of oil on medium heat

☆ Add 1/3 c batter to the ban and QUICKLY spread the batter out to form a big circle

☆ Cook for 30-45 seconds and gently flip

☆ Cool for another 15-30 seconds

☆ Fill with toppings! (I did @culinayogurt yogurt + berries + @thejoyalife 70% chocolate)


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