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Believe These Essential Truths to Live Your Best Life NOW

Part of living your best life is developing confidence - luckily, I have a guide for that! ;)

Tell me if this sounds like you…

You wake up on Monday morning - ugh, Monday - and feel tired and unmotivated to get your butt up and go to work. You scroll through your phone first thing and respond to texts, emails, snapchats, Hinge messages...the whole nine yards.

You make breakfast and eat it while continuing to scroll on Insta, or maybe you didn’t have time this morning, so you’re shoving some toast down your throat in the car.

You get where you’re going, settle into the routine, and WISH that you could be living your dream life instead.

Now girly, there are 2 things I need you to know before we can move on with this daydreaming.

1. You CAN live your dream fact, it already exists. (gasp!)

2. The life of that girl on social media who you idolize and wish you could step into is not your truth and that will never be your life. (that's a good thing!)

So let’s back it up here....

Literally the only thing stopping you from living your dream life

That may be hard to hear, but I’m giving you some tough love, so stick with me!

The reason why you aren’t living your dream life is NOT because:

You don’t have enough money

You aren’t qualified enough

The Universe is out to get you

You don’t have enough time

You haven’t found a partner

You just feel stuck

Nope!! The reason why you aren’t living your dream life is because of your own inner beliefs.

If you don’t have the money in your bank account to buy your dream house → go make some more money and implement some financial planning! There’s literally a trillion dollars swirling around you right now.

If you don’t have a specific degree or certification → teach yourself and learn as much as you can before starting a blog or side hustle on that topic. Look into applying to schools if you want to!

If you think the Universe is out to get you → you’re just creating all of that negativity for yourself. Happiness is literally your birthright!

If you think you don’t have enough time → reframe what time even means! Take a step back and look at where your hours are going...then redirect them.

If you don’t have your dream relationship → work on loving yourself FIRST.

If you just feel gotta start shifting some old beliefs my friend.

I usually get the most resistance on this topic when money comes into the let me bust some myths really quick.

Now, you may be thinking “Ok Sloane, it’s really not that easy to go out and make more money.” I’m here to say...yes it is!!! The most abundant and high vibe manifestations occur with the least amount of effort and the most amount of fun! I have manifested $1000s, new clients, and dream opportunities without any stress or much effort at all. There was a lot of inner work and mindset shifts that had to happen first, but the actual materialization of abundance was effortless.

Girly - old beliefs that are no longer serving you have GOT to go. They were taught to you by your parents, TV, friends, books, etc. Now, it’s not their faults that they didn’t know any better either, so don't blame them! What you can do now is to forgive those influencers, forgive yourself for holding onto limiting beliefs in the past, and recognize some truths that may be new to you.

And this brings me to point 2 - your ideal path is not the same as anyone else’s, so stop trying to be or copy anyone else!

Self love is key to loving the life you're in, so check out my guide below!

Some truths that you need to start believing are:

The Universe is conspiring in every moment to bring you everything that you desire.

If you can dream it, then it already exists...but maybe in a different dimension right now.

You can bring that experience into THIS dimension through manifestation. (Not sure how to manifest?? Check out this 101 guide here!)

Everybody is capable of this. Yep, everybody.

Nothing will change if nothing changes. Shifted mindset + aligned action = miracles.

Are you feeling excited and buzzy and oh so full of potential?! Because I know I AM!!

So go out there and MAKE IT HAPPEN! Start living the life of your dreams. If you don’t have everything in place yet, pretend like you do! Ask yourself “Who do I have to become to get those results?”...and start being that person now. The physical manifestations will follow, just you wait and see :)



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