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5 Steps to Skyrocket Your Self Love

Sometimes we just have those days…or weeks…or months when things feel blah.

It feels like we’re not succeeding and we’re not doing well enough. Or maybe it feels like we’re not experiencing the results we’re hoping for in our health goals. Or maybe we just got dumped. Or maybe we just got fired. Or maybe we wanna cry when we look in the mirror.

Or maybe nothing in particular happened but we just aren’t feeling GOOD about where we’re at in life.

These phases happen, and they’re completely normal. However, feeling happy, confident, and in love with ourselves feels BETTER, so if we can get closer to that state of being, then that’s a big plus.

I’m all about living a life from a place of love and finding love in every moment possible. When I’m in a state of complete and utter love for myself and my life, everything else seems to ~flow~ a lot easier.

Work feels effortless. Social situations are extremely fun. Laughter is second nature. Exercising feels like a celebration. Even stress feels…not that bad.

SO how can we increase self love and get to the glowy, flowy, high vibe state we’re looking for?

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Self love is something that can take time to solidly cultivate, and it’s something that you’ll want to engrain as a part of your being. Self love is not a trend of a fad – it’s a way of life that will stay with you forever.

But we gotta start somewhere!

So let’s start with just 5 minutes of beautiful, magical, deep self love.

1. Express gratitude. No matter where you’re at or how bad you feel, there’s always something to be grateful for. Even the tiniest thing (ex. I have a comfy bed to sleep in) can instantly raise your vibe and make you feel better. Better yet, if you can find something about yourself to be grateful for, your self love will soar. Be grateful for the life you’ve created for yourself thus far. Be grateful for the friends you’ve made who are amazing supporters and listeners. Be grateful for the meals you cook yourself that nourish your body so well. Be grateful for your commitment to yourself and the fact that you chose to read this article and put in the work to grow and develop!

2. Say thank you. Thank yourself for everything that you’ve done, learned, and plan on accomplishing. Thank yourself for being kind to your body today. Thank yourself for getting to bed at a reasonable time. Thank yourself for keeping your space tidy. These small thank you’s really add up! Big thank you’s are great too – thank yourself for taking the leap to start your own business! Thank yourself for committing to your soul mate and showing up as a loving partner! Thank yourself for getting a promotion! This is all about daily celebration of your brilliance.

3. Forgive. If you’re holding onto guilt, shame, or negativity, it will be hard to move on and elevate your self love and happiness. In order to move on, you must more through, and moving through hard stuff means forgiving. Forgive the friend that was mean to you. Forgive the boss who caused you unnecessary stress. Forgive the stranger who cut you off in traffic. And MOST importantly – forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for allowing these negative situations to penetrate your precious energy. Forgive yourself for holding on to fear instead of choosing love. Forgive yourself for being your own biggest critic and judge. This release will feel SO freaking good.

4. Treat yourself. Instead of relying on others to treat you to gifts, compliments, and love, treat YO SELF as often as you can. Maybe this means you purchase that cute handbag you’ve been eyeing for months. Or perhaps you treat yourself to a cozy solo coffee date. If you have a favorite candle, lighting it and getting in bed early can be the perfect treat! It’s all about purposefully choosing to feel loved and choosing to feel good. Make a list of things that make you feel loved, happy, and GOOD, and look back on that when you’re in need of some self love magic.

5. Give love. An essential part to receiving loving energy is to give loving energy to others without any expectations of getting something back in return. Who can you send some love to – whether its by smiling at a stranger, giving your server an extra tip, or calling a friend to check in and catch up? When you get in the habit of constantly giving love to others and giving love to yourself, you’ll naturally start receiving more love daily. Remember that there is no shortage of love – it is limitless and it is abundant – so you can never give too much away. Give give give, and get ready to receive with an open heart.

Ready for more than just 5 minutes of self love? I’m sure you are!!

Truly loving yourself unconditionally and unapologetically is a beautiful and priceless thing that takes some commitment, support, and guidance. That’s why I created Limitless Love Academy my online course teaching you how to unconditionally love yourself & self identify as a badass superwoman using my 4 Step Proven Get RELE Method!

Learn how to embrace all aspects of your unique and gorgeous self, heal your self limiting beliefs, step into your goddess power, and receive love on a massively abundance scale.

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