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079: Using Astrology to Uncover Your Soul Gift with Yvonne Irene

Step into the universe of your inner self with Yvonne Irene, a spiritual astrologer and soul purpose coach, in today's enlightening episode. Since her childhood, Yvonne has been fascinated by astrology, evolving from self-taught enthusiast to an expert guided by revered mentors. Now, she leverages her profound astrological expertise to help people discover their soul gifts and align with their cosmic blueprint.

Yvonne's insightful approach to astrology reveals the planetary energetics that shape our personalities, purposes, and karmic paths. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned astrology aficionado, this episode will offer new perspectives on using the stars as tools for deep self-discovery and transformative growth.

Remember that you have free will. It's totally up to you, and astrology is not an end-all, be-all. - Yvonne

In this episode, Sloane and Yvonne talk about:

  • Using your astrological chart as a detailed map to explore your desires, strengths, and challenges

  • Navigating the dynamic interplay between destined paths and personal choices

  • Exploring the 12 houses and each house's role in shaping our personal narrative and daily life

  • Deciphering astrological aspects and the implications of red lines (challenging aspects) versus blue lines (harmonious aspects)

  • How various astrological aspects influence personal and professional relationships

  • The impact of sextiles, trines, and conjunctions on your personal evolution

  • Finding balance and compatibility with others through detailed synastry charts

  • Identifying astrological indicators for career and life purpose

  • …and more!

Resources Mentioned:

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