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078: Exactly How to Stop Binge Eating For Good

In this episode, Sloane uncovers the nuanced steps to overcome binge eating. She emphasizes the importance of making intuitive, clear decisions with unwavering conviction, delving into the psychology behind self-sabotage, and explaining the appeal of staying within comfort zones. Through relatable anecdotes and thought-provoking insights, Sloane coaches you through the journey toward food freedom, highlighting the need to rewire patterns of control and embrace vulnerability. Tune in as Sloane shares actionable strategies to stop binge eating, guiding you toward a renewed sense of self-worth and freedom with food.

Have the conviction that you are going to succeed and put the action behind it. - Sloane 


In this episode, Sloane talks about:

  • The psychology behind self-sabotage and the reluctance to pursue your desires to be binge-free 

  • The necessity of resolute decision-making when pursuing deeply desired goals - and putting the action behind your desires to heal your relationship with food 

  • How her clients have achieved remarkable success in attaining food freedom and ending binge eating for good 

  • Rewiring the need for control and unraveling the underlying causes of restrictive behaviors and binge spirals 

  • Confronting moments of self-sabotage when binge urges come up and prioritizing emotional well-being for sustainable change towards intuitive eating 

  • …and more! 





Connect with Sloane Elizabeth: 

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