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077: Exercising Intuitively & Reaching Your Fitness Goals Through Different Phases of Life as a Woman with Victoria Hudson

Join us on this empowering episode as we welcome Victoria Hudson, a renowned personal trainer, body confidence coach, and the visionary CEO of EmpowerHER Health and Fitness—a boutique personal training hub exclusively for women. Victoria's remarkable journey from overcoming bulimia to redefining her body image in a bikini show stands as a powerful emblem of self-love and the essence of intuitive fitness.

Victoria, who now dedicates her life to helping women feel incredible in their skin, shares her wisdom on navigating fitness through different phases of life. As the founder of a women-only gym, she understands the complexities women face in their fitness journeys—addressing the misconception that exercise is a form of punishment and highlighting the importance of finding joy in movement. Don't miss this insightful conversation as we explore the beauty of exercising intuitively and reaching your fitness goals, all while nurturing self-love and acceptance.

What's important is to find the thing that's right for you. There is a sweet spot and everyone is different. You have to tune in to your body. - Victoria

In this episode, Sloane and Victoria talk about:

  • Victoria's transformative fitness journey and how it led her to help other women

  • Tuning into your body's needs to discover the form of exercise that resonates with you

  • Rediscovering your hidden strength and the positive trickle effects of feeling healthy and strong

  • Why movement should be celebrated as a form of freedom and focusing on positive body additions rather than losses

  • Navigating feelings of guilt around exercise and empowering advice for women struggling with fitness expectations

  • …and more!

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Victoria Hudson: 

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