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075: Building Unshakable Confidence & Pushing the Envelope on Living Your Authentic Truth with Madi Maple

Welcome to another epic conversation on the Sloane Elizabeth Show where we dive deep into conversations that ignite your soul and inspire your journey towards self-discovery and healing! In this episode, we're joined by the incredible Madi Maple, a confidence and business coach, podcaster, and retreat host who brings fiery, bold energy to making your dreams come true. She brings her unique perspective on why women often play small and how to step into your natural power and unconditional confidence.

Madi shares her personal journey from growing up in a restrictive community to finding her authentic voice and helping others do the same. Her insights on overcoming societal norms and expectations will empower you to embrace your natural confidence and shine bright like the diamond you are. Join us as we push the envelope together and live our truths unapologetically.

You are naturally confident because your soul is naturally confident. - Madi

In this episode, Sloane and Madi talk about:

  • The reasons why women play small and how to combat this block

  • How traditional job roles and income-generating activities might be holding you back from your true self

  • Madi's personal experience with the restrictions of a conservative community and how it affected her confidence and authenticity

  • What's truly keeping women from embracing their natural confidence

  • How to navigate heartbreak and disappointment by challenging our beliefs and stories

  • The importance of freedom and the ability to handle fears as pathways to unshakable confidence

  • …and more!

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Madi Maple: 

Connect with Sloane Elizabeth:

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