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071: The Missing Key to Healing Your Relationship with Food and Ending The Back-And-Forth Binge-Restrict Cycles (Ady's Success Story)

In this heartwarming episode of the Sloane Elizabeth Show, we continue our inspiring "Where Is She Now" series by spotlighting Ady's remarkable transformation. After just a few months in the Food Freedom Collective program, Ady's life and relationship with food have undergone profound changes, showcasing the power of healing and self-love. 

Ady's success story is not just about overcoming food-related challenges; it's a beacon of hope for anyone trapped in the cycle of bingeing and restricting. Her insights offer a fresh perspective on the journey to food freedom, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness, trust, and the courage to invest in oneself. Listen in to unlock the missing key to your healing journey. 


Even if I hadn't experienced those physical changes in my body, I still would have been happy because I learned how to love myself.  - Ady 


In this episode, Sloane and Ady talk about: 

  • The evolution of Ady’s relationship with food from fear and worry to freedom and trust 

  • Why ignoring your cravings doesn't solve anything and how understanding them can lead to freedom 

  • The impactful exercises that helped Ady address the underlying subconscious root issues tied to her food challenges 

  • How healing her relationship with food also enhanced her relationships, bringing her closer to family and friends 

  • Why there's no better moment than the present to start healing and embrace food freedom 

  • A new perspective on healing designed for lasting success, moving from stress to trust 

  • Why the Food Freedom Collective program was a perfect match for Ady’s healing journey 

  • …and more! 


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