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069: Creating a Magical, Intuitive Life Through Rituals, Routines, and Healing in the Realms with Riya Rose

How can we live a magical and intentional life? How can rituals help us create the life we truly deserve? In this episode, Riya Rose shares how she helps clients gain a better understanding of the power they have and the wisdom they carry through their intuition and healing subconscious and physical wounds.

Riya Rose is a priestess, medicine woman, clinical herbalist, spiritual guide, and entrepreneur. With more than 18 years of spiritual study and practice, she guides clients on their healing path by meeting them on every level of their being and designing protocols unique to them.

Riya’s years of experience have exposed her to a lot of different scenarios, most of which show how so many people miss out on the magical lives they could be living simply because they live in different realities. The truth is that a person’s logic and ego can easily mess with their natural intuition, causing them to lose balance.

Tune in to this episode to find out more about accessible rituals that anybody can add to their routines so that they can sharpen their natural intuition and live truly magical lives.

Your energy doesn’t lie. - Riya Rose

In this episode, Riya and Sloane talk about:

  • What realms are and why it’s important to understand them

  • How Riya’s process of visiting different realms for clients looks like

  • The power of the subconscious mind and its role in healing

  • Simple rituals that add intention to daily life

  • How your own energy impacts the ceremonies you participate in

  • The logical mind and what it does to our energetic and intuitive experiences

  • Dealing with the duality of discipline and intuition

  • How to honor the cultures and lineages where your chosen rituals came from

  • …and more!

Connect with Riya Rose:

Connect with Sloane Elizabeth:

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