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067: How to Naturally Eat Intuitively - Without Having to Think About It! (Grace's Success Story)

In the second part of our "Where Is She Now" series, we are thrilled to feature Grace's success story, a testament to the lasting impact of food freedom healing. Grace, a proud graduate of the Food Freedom Collective, joins us to share her journey since completing the program, exemplifying how it's truly possible to achieve and maintain a stress-free relationship with food.

In this episode, Grace recounts her experiences during the recent holiday season, highlighting how she relished all the festive food without any worries or stress. Join us as we delve into the concept of food freedom and how it empowers individuals to embrace life's opportunities, from being comfortable in front of a camera to trying new restaurants.

Just trust yourself, trust your body, and you’re gonna be fine.  - Grace

In this episode, Sloane and Grace talk about:

  • How Grace continues to enjoy a stress-free relationship with food after the Food Freedom Collective program

  • How Grace’s intuition regarding food has significantly improved and why this change is crucial for her well-being

  • Insights into how Grace now handles situations that feel out of alignment compared to her approach before the program

  • The two key takeaways that allowed Grace to sustain success post-program

  • How trust in oneself plays a crucial role in achieving and maintaining a healthy relationship with food

  • Providing a positive and healthy example to younger generations through transformation

  • …and more!

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