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065: Where is Rosa Now? How My Client Reclaimed Her Fitness Goals and Is Still Eating Intuitively 15 Months After Working Together

This week, we’re catching up with Rosa, a proud graduate of the Food Freedom Collective, to explore her transformative journey since completing the program. Rosa shares her successes and insights, offering an intimate look at how she has maintained a positive relationship with food and reclaimed her food freedom long after completing the program.

This episode is inspiring and informative, perfect for anyone on their journey towards a healthier, more intuitive relationship with food and life. Tune in to hear Rosa's heartfelt story of transformation and empowerment as she reclaims her fitness, health, and food freedom.

Food freedom is not just food, it's really impacted other aspects of my life and has let me explore so many different things.  - Rosa

In this episode, Rosa talks about:

  • Her incredible journey since the Food Freedom Collective and how she's thriving with a newfound relationship with food

  • The liberating experience of not being fixated on what’s on her plate and how it’s transformed her daily life

  • Why food freedom isn’t just about eating habits but extends to every aspect of life

  • Proven strategies to prevent reverting to unhealthy eating patterns and how she maintains her positive relationship with food

  • Valuable insights and personal advice to those starting their journey to food freedom

  • …and more!

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