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058: Healing Your Relationship with Money, Subconscious Money Blocks, and Investing Intuitively with Justin Buonomo

Justin Buonomo is the CEO, founder, and owner of Journey to Financial Freedom. For the past four years, he has been helping people heal their relationship with money by looking at the root causes of their behaviors and beliefs.

So many people fail at handling their finances, and they blame things like circumstances or lack of discipline for their lack of wealth and financial freedom. But the truth is that spending habits are caused by events that happened in the past that, and our subconscious mind holds the key to our behaviors with money. Many of us have seemingly unrelated limiting beliefs that push us into “survival mode” which can lead to fear around receiving, spending, and investing. 

To be truly wealthy, one needs to look at their own beliefs and dig deeper — where are these thoughts and habits coming from? Why is there a feeling of lack and chaos? Is there trauma somewhere that could be stopping you from moving forward and claiming real abundance?

Tune into this episode to find out how to claim real abundance by healing your relationship with money, tracing your subconscious money blocks, and investing intuitively.

Your external wealth will never exceed your internal wealth.  - Justin Buonomo


In this episode, Justin talks about:

  • How he started his financial coaching business and the success he found in it

  • The role that masculine and feminine energies play in financial success

  • Common subconscious beliefs people have about money and abundance

  • Tools and strategies that can be used to heal from traumas that impact finances

  • Money, mind, and energy as currencies

  • How budgets do not restrict spending but actually allow spending

  • Why tracking your expenses daily is a more efficient strategy


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