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055: Is It Disordered Eating or Dieting If You Choose the "Healthier" Food Option?

Is it dieting if you choose a salad? If you have food freedom, do you have to always eat the dessert? Is it healthy to use maple syrup instead of white sugar? The world of nutrition, food freedom, dieting, and intuitive eating can get really confusing, so these are valid questions! Especially knowing that diet culture and restricting could leave certain fears about food.

So would it be considered disordered eating or dieting the moment you start choosing what is traditionally known as healthy food?

The answer is… That depends on the circumstances.

Food freedom and Eating with Love & Intuition™ is never about the menu – it’s about the mindset. You need to be able to choose food that’s not just good for your physical health, but good for your mental and soul health, too. The moment you start choosing nutrient-dense food because of fear, that’s not healthy. But if your choice stems from what’s good for you physically, mentally, and spiritually, then that’s the kind of healthy choice that we’re going for.

Tune into this episode to learn more about how to figure out whether that healthier food choice REALLY is the better option.

It’s less about what you’re eating and more about why are you eating it.  - Sloane Elizabeth


In this episode, Sloane talks about:

  • Creating a distinction between what’s truly healthy and what we only think is healthy for us

  • The impact of being forced to eat your “fear foods”

  • The fear of choosing nutrient-dense food

  • The importance of knowing the intention behind your food choices

  • The value of eating not just for the body but also for mental health and soul health

  • The role that taste plays in choosing the food you eat

  • …and more!


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