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047: Rewiring Binge Urges Through Nervous System Regulation with Lorna Costa

In this episode, Sloane sits down with Lorna Costa, the host of the Ditch Decade Diets podcast, to explore the groundbreaking world of nervous system regulation and its profound impact on conquering binge urges.

Lorna Costa is a dedicated and compassionate binge-eating coach with a wealth of experience in helping individuals overcome binge urges and regain control over their lives. Her unique approach has been transformative for many on their journey to healing.

Together, they will delve into how this transformative journey not only revolutionized Lorna's relationship with food but also impacted her connections with friends, herself, and even her intimate relationships.

Get ready to gain invaluable insights and practical strategies that will empower you to break free from the cycle of binge behaviors and foster a healthier relationship with food and yourself!

You can't put the blame on yourself. If you keep getting that urge to binge, you're not broken. It's just what's going on in the brain.  - Lorna

In this episode, Lorna and Sloane talk about:

  • What leads to binge urges

  • Failed diets and the ultimate solution: Lorna's journey to finding what finally worked after decades of dieting

  • The game-changing realizations that helped both Sloane and Lorna heal

  • How to break free from binge-eating and the crucial revelation Lorna wishes everyone knew

  • What sets food binging apart from other types of urges

  • The three techniques Lorna recommends for regulating the nervous system

  • …and more!

Connect with Lorna Costa:

Connect with Sloane Elizabeth:

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