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045: How to Regain Confidence in Your Own Strength and Body (Liv’s Success Story)

Liv has been hearing the same comments about how strong she was throughout the years, and they don’t even mean that in a good way. People were always looking at how muscular Liv’s build was – a complete contrast to her bright colors and even brighter personality.

All of this took a toll on Liv’s confidence, prompting her into a downward spiral of eating disorders and a lack of self-confidence. She wasn’t really counting calories or the weight loss. But she became overly conscious about how she looked so she started jumping from one diet to another. 

To say that the Food Freedom Collective was life-changing for Liv is an understatement. Today, she has rediscovered her love for her own body and has learned to once again trust her higher self, especially in terms of knowing what her body needs to thrive.

Tune in to this episode to find out more about Liv’s story and how she was able to bring back the confidence in her own body.

What do you wanna be? You’re working towards your future self. If you could have total freedom, what would it look like?  - Liv


In this episode, Liv and Sloane talk about:

  • Liv’s success story and the transformation she went through after graduating from the Food Freedom Collective

  • The freedom of having confidence in your own body without the need to restrict or count calories

  • The truth is that what other people say about your body is not an accurate reflection of you but of their own biases and beliefs

  • Other channels Liv tried before to recover and what made the Food Freedom Collective different

  • The value of taking a spiritual perspective in healing your relationship with food

  • The importance of setting your personal boundaries and standing up for yourself when it comes to your own needs

  • …and more!


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