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038: Dating and Finding Love From a Place of Divine Feminine + Completely Loving Yourself First with Miranda Amora

Miranda is a love and relationship coach who helps women create the true love they desire so they can live the life of their dreams. She believes that filling yourself up with your own love is the best path towards creating fulfilling relationships and a fulfilling life.But there was also a time when Miranda struggled with her own self-worth. She believed she wasn’t beautiful and would binge drink and fall into unhealthy routines just to fill a void inside her. This also led her to enter unhealthy relationships where her true value was not celebrated nor appreciated. All it took was one decision to take the inner work more seriously, and the rest is history. She got her life back on track and channeled her divine feminine so that she could set the right boundaries to thrive in love and in life. She learned how to raise her standards for herself and draw the line when something was not worth her energy or time. Tune in to this episode to find out how you can completely love yourself so you can attract the right relationships and draw upon love from a place of abundance instead of lack!

I’m going to always serve love for myself. Yeah, I’m gonna make mistakes and learn lessons sometimes, but it’s all teaching me love and going back to love.  - Miranda Amora


In this episode, Miranda and Sloane talk about:

  • Their own death + rebirth cycles

  • Going into the divine feminine to attract love

  • How to reconnect with your own body

  • How to fill up on your own love instead of filling a void with things and other people

  • The value of being emotionally available for yourself

  • How society’s norms and stereotypes impact body image

  • Why vulnerability isn’t a bad thing

  • …and more!


Connect with Miranda Amora:


Connect with Sloane Elizabeth:

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