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037: How to Stop Thinking About Food 24/7 and Optimize Your Wellness Without Obsession (Grace's Success Story)

Grace was a student-athlete who had a deeply ingrained belief system about food. She was constantly choosing food that would help her run better, perform better, and just generally do better. But when she graduated and transitioned to her new life, these core beliefs started to impact her life in ways she didn’t expect.Because she previously saw her body as a machine that needed fuel, she was now clueless about what her body really needed. She didn’t trust her own hunger cues and was constantly thinking about food. She also worried about other people’s perceptions of her and was unsure about how to ask for help.

That’s why the Food Freedom Collective was such a life-changing experience for her. Finally, she realized that her body was worth taking care of. She discovered that food isn’t the enemy and that she can safely, confidently trust herself and her body! She found out that she can have an amazing relationship with food while taking care of herself and her body - obsession-free.

Tune in to this episode to find out how you can achieve optimal health without obsessing about all the small details!

I was stressing so much because I didn’t trust myself that I knew what was best. I didn’t know what my body needed. I couldn’t trust my hunger cues.  - Grace


In this episode, Grace and Sloane talk about:

  • How Grace’s healing journey paved the way to a more positive relationship with food

  • How Grace recognized old beliefs ingrained in athletes and redefined what “healthy” means

  • The importance of trusting yourself and your body’s cues

  • Subconscious roots and shifts that affected Grace’s relationship with food

  • How spiritual work helped Grace reaffirm the value of taking care of her body - plus how spirituality and religion blended together for her

  • Other areas in life that a better relationship with food can positively impact

  • …and more!


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