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035: Feminine Entrepreneurship, People Who "Get IT", and Divine Pleasure with Taibala Rosner

Taibala Rosner is on the podcast today to talk about all things feminine entrepreneurship, pleasure, “getting it”, and deep soul works through building a business and building wealth!

Why do humans tend to give more weight to negativity than positivity and abundance? There is always a tendency to remember negative events more vividly than positive events. This negativity bias is thought to have evolved as a survival mechanism in response to environmental threats. In modern times, it can lead to unnecessary anxiety, stress, and pessimism.


As a fellow woman entrepreneur who faces unique challenges and barriers when it comes to starting and growing her business, Taibala Rosner shares her codes in achieving increased feelings of happiness and mindfulness in life. She has been an advocate in the growing movement to support and empower feminine entrepreneurs through her personal brand and coaching programs.

Taibala teaches that by shifting your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, you can create positive changes in your body and life—manifesting personal desires and goals. By actively appreciating pleasures, you can cultivate a greater sense of healing and joy in your life and your finances! 

Us being in our light is going to trigger people. You being happy is going to trigger certain people. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you dim yourself. It’s an opportunity for them to look within. - Taibala Rosner


In this episode, Taibala and Sloane talk about:

  • Their journeys in the coaching industry and passion for mentoring women

  • How different perspectives of people can develop your personal growth and reflections

  • Active appreciation of pleasures and how it adds value to daily life

  • How the 50% strategy and 50% energetics mix can unlock the code to opportunities

  • Why celebrating wins will superspeed your manifestations

  • Taibala’s view on sexuality as a form of her authentic expression and reclaiming sovereignty as a woman

  • …and more!


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