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032: How to Have Food Freedom and Eat Intuitively As an Athlete in Gym Culture (Lexes' Success Story)

For those immersed in gym culture, there's always an insane pressure to do more and push harder. Unfortunately, this could impact your own perception of what health and fitness should look like, which affects your attitude towards food and nutrition. In this episode, find out how Lexes took herself out of unhealthy patterns of dieting, restricting, and sticking to “food rules” and started to use love and intuition as a guiding force in how she deals with her overall health and fitness today.

Yes, I am worthy of living the most abundant life that I deserve and that starts with how I nourish myself every day.  - Lexes Legerski


In this episode, Lexes talks about:

  • Her earlier struggles around food and the pressure of working out

  • The difference between using intuitive wisdom versus letting fear-based thoughts take over

  • How different your relationship with food can become when you live with love and intuition

  • Taking Eating with Love & Intuition into LIVING with love & intuition

  • How understanding your limitless potential can help you move forward instead of getting stuck with the hows

  • The tangible actions she's been implementing to embrace eating and exercising with love and intuition

  • …and more!


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