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025: Healing Binge Eating and Crohn's Flare-Ups Led to Food Freedom AND Manifesting Dream Opportunities (Sofie's Success Story)

In this episode, Sofie shares her journey of healing from binge eating, restricting, and constantly worrying about food. This food freedom journey also led her to release deeper subconscious self limiting beliefs and unlock the doors to her bigger life aspirations, ultimately leading to her greater healing and success.

Food freedom for me means freedom to live my life. Freedom to be me, to be all of me, and to be unapologetically me. To be there for myself. I'm all I need. Everything I need is within me.  - Sofie


In this episode, Sofie talks about:

  • The events and circumstances that led to her disordered eating and the search for healing

  • Sofie’s realizations about herself, her life, and her relationship with food after she joined the Food Freedom Collective

  • Why she decided to delve deeper into the FFC and eventually into Limitless Love Activation

  • How she shifted her thoughts from food to her dreams and more profound goals

  • Why feeling guilty about your actions and decisions don’t help with your healing

  • How binge eating and constantly thinking about food could be blocking all the opportunities in your life

  • How sharing your knowledge reinforces your learning 


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