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023: How Healing Body Image and Food Anxiety Improved This College Student's Performance and Confidence (Emma’s Success Story)

In this episode, Sloane is joined by Emma, a college student who once struggled with eating and living healthy but managed to free herself from the chains and demands a college lifestyle brings. 

Whatever part you play in your life, when you're able to take the time and actually have a nutritious meal, you start realizing that the rest of your day you can actually make it through. - Emma 

In this episode, Emma talks about:

  • Her old lifestyle and the struggles and challenges of being a college student with an unhealthy relationship with food

  • How physical health struggles can impact your mental health (and how healing on a physical level positively impacts your mental wellbeing)

  • The #1 thing that helped her increase her productivity at school

  • How Emma was able to relieve her social anxiety and start going out to eat with friends again

  • Why Emma decided to join the Food Freedom Collective and invest time in her healing

  • The relevance of journaling and giving yourself more quality time


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