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011: From Losing Her Period & Measuring All of Her Food to ZERO Guilt or Obsession (Vivien's Success Story)

Is it possible to achieve a fit body and a healthy relationship with food without sacrificing the other important aspects that make you, you? Vivien says, yes, if you know the mechanics and you have the right support system to guide you and help you achieve your goals, every step of the way. Vivienne is a graduate of the Food Freedom Collective who decided one day that she no longer wants to deal with the things that are weighing her life down, literally. In today’s episode, she gets the opportunity to share her transformation and her journey, hoping to encourage everyone who is still on their toes, trying to find the courage to start healing their relationship with food and with their bodies. Let’s listen to her story. 

I was physically off from work always working out and my social life was basically 2.0. In the end, I also wanted to actually live my life and not just focus on food the whole time.  - Vivien


In this episode, Vivien shares:

  • What motivated her to enroll in the Food Freedom Collective

  • What she has decided to let go of that she didn't want anymore

  • Why listening to yourself is the first step to taking your power back

  • How the Food Freedom Collective helped her achieve her goals without sacrificing her relationship with friends and colleagues

  • The kind of community the Food Freedom Collective offers

  • The most impacting thing she experienced while in the Food Freedom Collective workshop

  • What she considers her greatest win

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