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005: Stop Using Distraction and Avoidance to “Deal” With Emotional Eating

Welcome to a magical moment of healing your relationship with the subconscious mind - aka, the driver of your reality. In today’s episode, you’ll be prompted to come to terms with the ways you’ve been using distraction and avoidance to “deal” with your food and body image struggles. Sloane Elizabeth taps into the world of the subconscious to pry deep into the hidden layers of why you do the things you do, feel the way you feel, and believe the things you believe in. This step may be crucial to healing your relationships, not only with food, but with everything around you. Tune in to understand why changing your direction and course of action is not always the best thing to do when your current habits are not working for you.

What if it's not about doing something different but releasing emotions and being able to cope with them so that they don't come back?” - Sloane Elizabeth

In this episode, Sloane Elizabeth talks about:

  • Why changing your course of action may not be the solution to creating new behaviors

  • What people are doing that is not helping them heal their relationship with food

  • Why putting a band-aid on the "wound" is not the key to healing

  • The reason why most diets and committing to habits don’t work

  • What you can do when you feel the urge to eat from emotions

  • The worst thing about doing the things you don't like

  • How getting to the root issue can help with the healing process

  • Fighting the tension versus taking a step back to think before acting

  • What the law of physics tells us about dealing with our emotions

  • The subconscious mind's role in molding our thoughts and beliefs

  • Why subconscious healing and reprogramming come first before changing actions

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