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003: Does Eating Intuitively Work For Everyone?

In this episode of The Sloane Elizabeth Show, Sloane talks about whether Eating with Love and Intuition is something that could work for everyone. She talks about the things that serve as distractions to achieving your goals and how to find your way back to your loving, aligned intentions. She also shares the beauty of knowing what to focus on and which health tips and tricks are not worth your energy and time. Most importantly, she debunks people's biggest misconceptions about food freedom and challenges old beliefs and norms around food and Eating with Love and Intuition.

Instead of focusing on what you can't have, focus on the *yes*, and when you do that, you notice more *yes* is coming your way with food and with everything else in life. - Sloane

In This Episode, Sloane Elizabeth talks about:

  • How people with food allergies and health restrictions can Eat with Love and Intuition

  • What you need to focus on instead of dwelling on what you cannot eat

  • Why saying no is the most loving thing you can do for yourself

  • The things you’re saying yes to, the moment you choose to say no

  • The real truth when it comes to the biggest misconceptions people have about Eating with Love and Intuition and food freedom

  • Why your relationship with food always comes first before your aesthetic goals

  • How healing first can save you more time and money

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