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Are you someone who….


> gets anxious when you skip a day at the gym

> looks at your body in the mirror and feels negative emotions stirring

> wishes you could feel 1000000% beautiful and amazing in your skin

> is tired of comparing your body to Instagram models

> wishes you knew how to get the body of your dreams

> is lacking body love


I GET IT! I’ve been there! But I am so happy to say that I am not there anymore, and I want to help you be able to say the same exact thing.


MOVE WITH K&K is my brand new, high vibe, bursting with love GROUP COACHING PROGRAM!


Imagine waking up every morning feeling so in love with yourself that you can’t help but pop out of bed and starting singing and dancing.


Imagine going bathing suit shopping and having trouble choosing just one set because you feel so freaking FIRE in all of them.


Imagine scrolling through your Insta feed feeling love and support for other women instead of jealous and inadequate.


Imagine feeling strong and beautiful after 45 minutes of movement a day instead of stressed that you missed a few days of spin class.


Imagine it now, OWN IT in just 30 days.




The MOVE WITH K&K program will help you do just that.




Wondering what it’s all about?? Keep reading…



  • A 20 page movement guide filled with the tools and inspo you need to move your body from a place of love and fall 100% in love with YOU!

  • Journal prompts and affirmations to shift your mindset and elevate your vibes and self love.

  • 4 hour-long group video chat calls with you, me, and 15 other women going through the same struggles as you! (These calls will happen on Wednesday evenings at 6pm pst/9pm est. If you can’t join live, there will be recordings!)

  •  “Lectures” on all of the topics in the guide (and more!!) plus confidential discussion with the group so you can share, vent, cry, laugh, and get advice from your new friends.

  • 10 minute workouts at the end of each call that we’ll do together and throughout the week!



  • Read through a few sections of the guide each week and complete the journal prompts before each video chat meeting.

  • Confidentiality and LOVE for all of the women working alongside you.

  • Dedication and commitment to YOURSELF!



  • $55 for the month!! This is a freaking STEAL, and I chose this value to ensure that this service is accessible to as many people as possible!!

  • $35 for an optional one-time INDIVIDUAL 30-minute call with ME if you want some more 1:1 attention and have specific questions!


The point of this group coaching format is to

give you the special attention that you need

and deserve to hit your goals while also fostering

a beautiful, raw, supportive community.

The program is capped to 16 participants so

that everyone has the opportunity to share and

voice their feelings. Also, this small number will

create a beautiful community (I can’t wait to

meet you all!!!) so that you can make new friends

and feel supported knowing that you’re not alone

in your struggles and concerns. We will create a

confidential and safe space to ensure that everyone

feels like a fierce and stunning babe by the end of

the 30 days (p.s…you already are one).


TOPICS INCLUDE: your WHY, your LANGUAGE, body LOVE and ACCEPTANCE, how to get FIT, REST days and FAILURE, and more ;)


SO! Are you ready to join?!


Signups close Monday March 24 and our first coaching call will be Wednesday March 26!!!!


If you are ready to uplevel your life, release anxieties and fears about working out, and feel like a freaking QUEEN in your beautiful body, then this is the program for you!


For any additional questions, shoot me a message!




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